WPN101 - Basic Pneumatic Practical Webinar

WPN101 - Basic Pneumatic Practical Webinar

This webinar will teach you the basic concepts and principles of pneumatic technology.

Practical exercises will be performed by each participant on his/her own pc/laptop using our award-winning FluidSIM software, while interacting with our experienced facilitators.

Content, outcomes and exercises are based on the Basic Pneumatic face-to-face training.



Target group:

Everybody who has to deal with pneumatic systems in their working environment. This format of training is ideal for first-time users of the technology, refresher courses, preparation for face-to-face training courses and group trainings across cities, countries and continents. 

This platform makes training possible for those who are not able to attend face-to-face training courses.

In-house custom webinars are also available on request.



  • Objectives of low cost automation
  • Basic principles of compressed air supply, production, preparation and distribution
  • Power section devices (Linear and rotary actuators)
  • Use of directional control valve, flow control, pressure and time control valves and sensors
  • Structure and function of pneumatic devices and valves
  • Basic logic functions and their application
  • Symbolic representation of devices and standards (ISO 1219)
  • Systematic design of circuit diagrams
  • Reading pneumatic circuit diagrams
  • Operating modes in pneumatic control systems
  • Safety regulations and valid industrial standards
  • Typical industrial circuits
  • Identifying and eliminating faults
  • Practical exercises done by all participants on FluidSIM software



The Participant:

  • can design, draw and simulate basic pneumatic circuits
  • can identify and describe the design, features and operation of pneumatic components
  • can identify and explain symbols for pneumatic components
  • can read and interpret pneumatic circuit diagrams
  • can interpret technical specifications and data relating to pneumatic components
  • knows the fundamentals of compressed air generation and preparation



The webinar will take place from 8:00 - 10:00 CAT Monday - Friday (unless otherwise specified).  Attendance of all the sessions is compulsory.


Assessment and Certification:

An assignment is to be completed at the end of the course after which participants will receive a Festo certificate of "Successfully completing the Basic Pneumatic Webinar", based on the participant's level of understanding and practical application of the submitted assignments. 


CPD Accreditation:

Reference number: SAIMC_CPD_S_575
Points: 1 CPD Point 



In order to get maximum value from this webinar, it is strongly recommended that interested candidates should be familiar and have experience in operating a PC with a Windows interface

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