PA311 – Water Treatment

PA311 – Water Treatment

Our water and wastewater sector suffers from a lack of capacity and performance which impacts negatively on the environment, public health and economic process. Polluted domestic and industrial wastewater together with fertilisers used in agriculture lead to pollution of lakes and can cause severe damage to entire eco-regions and river basins. Despite large-scale investments in water infrastructure, we still face challenges in terms of operation and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment plants. The drinking water therefore often fails to comply with quality regulations.

Target group

Technical staff and supervisors of wastewater treatment plants


Water purification and waste water treatment

  • Flocculation
  • Sedimentation
  • Chlorine dosing and disinfection
  • Filtration Water supply
  • Operation of pumps
  • Water transport to high tower
  • Water supply to different pressure zones Water loss
  • Waste water transport
  • Hydraulic of water flow in pipes
  • Transport of solids
  • Operation of sewer systems

The Participant is able to:

  • Influence coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation processes
  • Identify the load of solids and calculate the peak value
  • Create a sediment graph
  • Measure and interpret chlorine dosage
  • Understand activated sludge processes in wastewater treatment
  • Analyze an activated carbon percolation graph
  • Supervise and control a common pump station system
  • Implement measures to ensure water supply to different pressure zones
  • Understand the function of valve control systems
  • Reduce water losses through pressure control
  • Regulate and circulate water flow
  • Understand the transport of solids
  • Handle the operation of sewer systems


Technical knowledge


3 days

Part No.


World Skills