PN361 – Energy Saving in Pneumatic Systems

PN361 – Energy Saving in Pneumatic Systems

Save Energy – Save Costs. Energy saving is becoming vitally important for the sustainability of a business, with the high cost of energy. In large factories or small workshops, the intelligent use of every energy source and the right sizing and selection of components save significant amounts of cost, time,waste etc. Compressed air is a very important energy source for industrial production. The possibilities to save costs from compression to consumption of air are enormous. But everything begins with the skill of the people who work with it. This course focuses attention on cost-saving and improving the areas of compressed air production, distribution, preparation and optimisation of pneumatic circuits. This course particularly matches the training needs of those customers in conjunction with a Festo Energy Saving Service.

Target group

Operators, Maintenance, Engineering, Designer, Trainer


  • The cost of compressed air with measurements
  • The cost of leaks
  • The compressed air consumption of various circuits
  • The cost of over and under sizing of components
  • The right sizing for efficiency
  • Energy efficient circuits
  • Correcting the failures that caused efficiency wastes

The Participants can:

  • understand and evaluate the relation between the consumption and the cost of energy sources
  • apply efficiency measures in the preparation and distribution of compressed air
  • apply efficiency measures in the consumption of compressed air
  • correct the failures that caused efficiency wastes
  • apply efficiency measures in pneumatic circuits
  • select efficient components for various applications
  • measure the air consumption of various pneumatic applications
  • improve the lifetime of various pneumatic components


Modern Industrial Pneumatics - Basic (PN111)


2 days

Part No.


World Skills