PN122 – Pneumatics (3) Advanced

PN122 – Pneumatics (3) Advanced

Extend your technical and methodical knowledge. This addresses specific issues relating to maintenance and the ability to understand the functional relationships of complex machinery

Target group

Design Engineers, Plant Engineers, Maintenance staff and instructors




  • Basic Principles of compressed air technology, production, preparation and distribution (Review)
  • Power section devices and actuators, (specific application) Bellows, Rodless, Rotary & Impact cylinders, Pulse Ejectors, Grippers
  • Valves and basic logic functions (specific application) Counters, Timers, Two Hand and Binary control
  • Positioning, open and closed loop
  • Sequence, and sequence stepper control
  • Vacuum technology
  • Low pressure pneumatics (air sensors and amplifiers)
  • Emergency Controls (soft start)
  • Hydraulic feed units
  • Rotary Index tables, and strip feed units
  • Practical exercise and typical industrial circuits

The Participant:

  • can design, assemble and test complex pneumatic systems
  • can identify and describe the design, features and operation of specific application power section devices and valves
  • can describe the fundamentals of vacuum generation and applications
  • can describe the function and applications of low pressure pneumatics
  • has an understanding of the function of emergency – controls in pneumatic systems


Pneumatic (1) Basic course


3 days


NQF - Level 4

World Skills