PN101 – Modern Industrial Pneumatics - Introduction (Basic Pneumatics)

PN101 – Modern Industrial Pneumatics - Introduction (Basic Pneumatics)

The course deals in detail with the most up-to-date products, current tools and methods used in industry. Our principle is learning from the real world for the real world!

Target group

Everyone who has to deal with pneumatic systems in their working environment


  • Objectives of low cost automation
  • Basic principles of compressed air supply, production, preparation and distribution
  • Power section devices (Linear and rotary actuators)
  • Use of directional control valve, flow control, pressure and time control valves and sensors
  • Structure and function of pneumatic devices and valves
  • Basic logic functions and their application
  • Symbolic representation of devices and standards (ISO 1219)
  • Systematic design of circuit diagrams
  • Reading pneumatic circuit diagrams
  • Operating modes in pneumatic control systems
  • Safety regulations and valid industrial standards
  • Typical industrial circuits
  • Identifying and eliminating faults
  • Practical exercises for all circuits “hands on”

The Participant:

  • can design, assemble and test basic pneumatic circuits
  • can identify and describe the design, features and operation of pneumatic components
  • can identify and explain symbols for pneumatic components
  • can read and interpret pneumatic circuit diagrams
  • can interpret technical specifications and data relating to pneumatic components
  • knows the fundamentals of compressed air generation and preparation


Technical understanding


3 days

 Part No.



NQF - Level 3

Unit Standards:

  • 13139 - Install, test and maintain a basic pneumatic system (Credits: 10) 
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