PN100 - Introduction to Pneumatics (Custom courses only)

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This course covers the basics of pneumatic industrial automation which adds value to first time users of pneumatic technology. It will improve early diagnosis of faults and the effective communication of problems to maintenance staff when problems occur.


 Target Group

  • Machine Operators.
  • First time technology users.
  • Maintenance and non-maintenance personnel.
  • All staff members exposed to pneumatics in an industrial environment.
  • Purchasing department personnel involved in pneumatic purchases


  • Basic principles of compressed air supply, production, preparation and distribution.
  • Power section devices (Linear actuators).
  • Sensors on cylinders and machines and what they do.
  • Structure, function and identification of pneumatic devices and valves.
  • Discussion and practical examples of:
- Filter and air service units
- Different Cylinders
- Different types of Valves
- Vacuum and Vacuum Generators
  • Different uses and types of tubing
  • The danger and cost of leaking compressed air
  • The effects of changing machine settings (pressures, sensor positions etc).
  • Daily preventive maintenance.
  • Basics of the function of a PLC and how machines are controlled.
  • Safety considerations when working with machines with pneumatics.

The Participant:

  • will understand the basics of pneumatics as a low-cost energy system
  • will understand how actuators are controlled by valves
  • realises the importance of air preparation and proper reticulation
  • understands why sensors are used
  • knows how to identify problems with piping, valves, cylinders, air service units and sensors
  • realises the importance of saving compressed air and finding, fixing and reporting leaks
  • understands the components of a machine and how they fit into the typical factory maintenance responsibilities
  • is conscious of machine safety and realises the importance of safety mechanisms.

Technical understanding

Duration: 2 days
Part No:  12309281


World Skills