PLC281 – Programmable Logic Controllers CoDeSys: The standard in IEC 61131-3 – Introduction

PLC281 – Programmable Logic Controllers CoDeSys: The standard in IEC 61131-3 – Introduction

In order to master the fast-changing requirements of embedded and PC-controlled industrial applications, it is increasingly important to master and apply different programming languages. This is complicated by the huge variety of programming software available. Differences in user-interface, functionality and commands sets cause confusion and make mistakes more likely. CoDeSys - a tried and tested, globally introduced hardwareindependent software from 3S offers a Controller Development System according to the IEC 61131-3 with all defined programming languages independent of the hardware manufacturer. This training demystifies CoDeSys and gives participants confidence in using it.

Target group

Design Engineers, Plant Engineers, Programmers, Maintenance Staff and Instructors


  • Basic design and control of CoDeSys
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Wiring inputs and outputs
  • Local and Global addressing of variables
  • Programming languages for CoDeSys: LD, FBD, ST, IL, SFC, CFC
  • Timers and Counters functions
  • Formulate, download and testing of industry related sequence programs

The Participant:

  • can configure and commission a CoDeSys controller
  • can create hardware configurations
  • can create and commission PLC programs with logic associations and sequences
  • can understand and create program structures
  • can combine various program modules into structured programs


  • Pneumatics (1) Basic
  • Introduction to PLC
  • Electro-Pneumatics & experience in operating a PC with a Windows interface


3 days


NQF - Level 3


Each participant receives a Festo CECC CoDeSys PLC and Software

World Skills