AUT211 – Mechatronic Systems

AUT211 – Mechatronic Systems

Planning, assembly, programming, commissioning operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of production systems are taught at various levels of complexity:-
- With innovative technology
- With systematic use of industrial components
- In close cooperation with market leaders in automation

Target group

Design Engineers, Plant Engineers, Programmers, Maintenance staff and instructors


  • Basic design of a mechatronic control system, incl. pneumatics, mechanics, electrics
  • Input and output module tasks
  • The three programming languages: FCH, LDR and STL
  • Basic command set for PLC
  • Creating, loading and testing simple programs
  • Using the status display, fault-finding
  • Signal storage
  • PLC timer
  • Archiving and dearchiving PLC programs

The Participant:

  • can identify and describe the operation of pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, electrical and PLC components and sensors
  • can assemble, and test basic mechatronic circuits (pneumatics, electrical, and software)
  • recognizes and can differentiate between the different types of programming used in industry
  • can download a program and commission a PLC control system
  • can troubleshoot basic mechatronic systems


We recommend a basic knowledge of PLC and pneumatic control technology. Participants should also be familiar with operating a PC with a Windows interface


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