LP141 – Maintenance Strategies and Total Productive Maintenance

LP141 – Maintenance Strategies and Total Productive Maintenance

This course provides service technicians with an overview of commonly used maintenance strategies, compares these based on different requirements and thus provides you with a basis for making maintenance decisions to maximize availability in your own company.

Target group

Maintenance, Design/Engineering, Trainer, Management



  • Production systems and their influence on maintenance
  • Six typical types of machine and system loss
  • Roles and self-image in maintenance
  • Organizational structures for maintenance
  • Comparison of maintenance strategies:
    - Event-oriented maintenance
    - Routine maintenance
    - Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
    - Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RBM)
    - Risk-Based Maintenance (RBM)
  • Data for recording maintenance performance
  • Examples and practical exercises

The Participant:

  • can establish sources of loss on machines and systems
  • sees maintenance as a service provider for production
  • can evaluate various maintenance strategies and select the appropriate one for the company or various machines
  • can implement the company’s maintenance strategies
  • can select and collect data for recording maintenance performance


Experience in maintenance


2 days


NQF - Level 4

World Skills