TCM261 - Introduction to I4.0 for Management

TCM261 - Introduction to I4.0 for Management
Industry 4.0 is an increasingly trending topic with many different ideas of what it means. People working in leadership positions encounter Industry 4.0 more and more and must be knowledgeable about its impacts.
Industry 4.0 offers numerous opportunities for companies to improve their productivity, quality and processes. However, as a first step, managers need to have a basic understanding of the core elements and technologies and how their interaction leads to Industry 4.0. Subsequently, they can develop new business models and specific strategies to implement Industry 4.0 solutions in their companies.
This training targets management level and gives a general introduction into topics related to Industry 4.0. As a result, participants understand the core principles and can apply them implementing respective business strategies.

Target group
Upper management, decision-makers and executives from strategy and innovation departments.


  • Introduction to Industry 4.0
  • Difference between Industry 3.0 and 4.0
  • Overview of the core elements and technologies of Industry 4.0, e.g.:

      – RFID
      – HMI
      – M2M communication
      – Vertical and horizontal integration
      – Decentralized self-controlling production
      – Augmented reality
      – … and more.

  • Social-technological developments and their consequences
  • Industry 4.0 business models and creating new business ideas
  • Two-day-training covers the following additional topics:

      – Bottom-up and top-down strategies to implement Industry 4.0 
      – Industry 4.0 competency development
      – Industry 4.0 change management

After completing this training course, the participants:

  • are familiar with the core elements and basic technologies of Industry 4.0
  • understand how the core elements and technologies are connected and can lead to a holistic approach to improve processes and products
  • recognise the opportunities for developing new business models and what to take into account when implementing new strategies towards Industry 4.0


An interest in the future of automation


1 days

Part no



World Skills