AUT961 - Introduction to Industry 4.0

AUT961 - Introduction to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has become a keyword for industrial production. But most of the shop floor workers have only vague ideas of what Industry 4.0 means and what impact it will have on their working environments. That’s why many of them are concerned or even demotivated. However, to successfully master the implementation of Industry 4.0 in companies, a qualified and motivated workforce is essential. This training program provides comprehensive information on Industry 4.0 and creates understanding and acceptance for its implementation. As a result, companies will have it easier to introduce Industry 4.0 and to maintain the motivation of the workforce.

Target group
Shop Floor/Operators


  • Basic information about Industry 4.0: “What does Industry 4.0 mean?”
  • Reflection and discussion: “Which impact does digitalization have on me and my company?”
  • Blended learning: “Which best practice examples can help me in my daily business?”
  • Stimulation of self-directed learning: “How can I participate and design the changes with my knowledge and experience?”

After completing this training course, the participants:

  • understand what Industry 4.0 means and are familiar with its characteristics and benefits
  • know the most important terms of Industry 4.0
  • have an impression of the effects of digitalization on working life
  • know how digitalization looks like in their private and professional life


An interest in the future of automation


1 days

Part no:


World Skills