AUT521 - Industry 4.0: Applications in practice

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Industry 4.0 allows smart-factory workers to use a series of applications that could previously not be implemented or that could only be implemented through tedious manual labour. These applications can be used for plant operation, maintenance, planning and control, as well as for tracking orders and inspecting plant operation.
During this training course, the participants will learn about ways to use these kinds of applications within a complete production process, using the Festo Didactic CP Lab or the CP Factory as an example. Simultaneously, the participants will establish ways to integrate typical Industry 4.0 applications into vocational training courses.

Target group

This training course is recommended for teachers and trainers who want to work more closely with the technical contents of the CP Lab or CP Factory.


  • The concept of adaptable production: operation, visualization, parameterization and routing orders to the CP Factory
  • Handling data: saving data, cloud computing, data security, data mining
  • Lean production: implementing value streams using the CP Factory, line balance, working with ‘breathing’ buffers, batch size 1 production
  • Smart maintenance: OEE as the most important metric for analysing plant productivity, the concept of a usage-dependent maintenance strategy, condition monitoring, remote diagnostics
  • Energy efficiency: usage monitoring, recording consumption, localizing and identifying energy losses, using increased energy consumption data to draw conclusions about component wear and behaviour in the event of failure
  • Didactically implementing the topic into your vocational training courses
  • Planning learning units using the CP Factory
  • Practical exercises


After completing this training course, the participants:

  • are familiar with typical application scenarios for intelligent Industry 4.0 systems
  • understand how these application scenarios play out in the CP Factory and put them to practical use
  • know the professions and vocational training topics for which these applications are relevant, prepare initial areas of application for their courses and plan a sample learning unit


An interest in the future of automation


5 days

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