HY511 – Hydraulics (1) Basic

HY511 – Hydraulics (1) Basic

This course provides you with an insight into hydraulic hardware technology and its function. You will learn to produce and read circuit diagrams and set the speed, pressure and position for hydraulic drives. As in all courses, practical work is an important component.

Target group

Everyone who has to deal with hydraulic systems in their working environment



  • Standards for equipment and circuit diagram representation
  • Design and function of hydraulic power supply systems
  • Physical principles
  • Measurement of volumetric flow rate, pressure and temperature as an aid to troubleshooting
  • Hardware technology and characteristic data for valves and actuators
  • Reading and interpreting basic hydraulic circuit diagrams for direction, speed, pressure and position
  • Basic principles of systematic troubleshooting

The Participant:

  • is able to name the basic components and their symbols
  • can explain the physical principles of hydraulics and use them for troubleshooting
  • knows how the volumetric flow, pressure and temperature are measured in a hydraulic system and what the values mean for evaluation of the system
  • can design, assemble and test basic hydraulic circuits
  • can understand, read, and interpret circuit diagrams
  • can interpret the characteristics data of valves and drive elements


Technical understanding


3 days


NQF - Level 3

Unit Standards:

  • 244686 - Demonstrate understanding of the principles of fluid power (Credits: 6)
  • 244690 - Demonstrate basic knowledge of hydraulic components (Credits: 3)
  • 244716 - Demonstrate understanding of the operating principles of hydraulic          components (Credits: 6)
  • 260723 - Install, test and maintain a basic fluid power system (Credits: 8)
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11/12/2019 - 13/12/2019 Johannesburg
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