HY501 – Introduction to Hydraulics

HY501 – Introduction to Hydraulics

This course introduces the basic symbols, operating principles of components and the interpretation of basic hydraulic circuits diagrams to learners. It is recommended for operators, maintenance and office staff with very limited or no experience in the hydraulic industry.  This course is ideal for those who want to broaden their understanding of hydraulics and is an ideal preparation for the Basic Hydraulic course.

Target group:
Everyone who deals with hydraulic systems in their working environment


  • Basic principles and operation of a hydraulic system
  • Identify, name and explain the function of different hydraulic components in a hydraulic circuit
  • Identify hydraulic symbols according to ISO 1219
  • Interpretation of basic hydraulic circuit diagrams
  • Circuit diagram sequence and layout
  • The effect and influence of incorrect settings on hydraulic systems
  • Safety in hydraulics


The Participant:

  • will understand different types of hydraulic components and their applications.
  • can demonstrate and understanding of hydraulic circuit diagrams and symbols. 
  • will be able to describe safety aspects relating to hydraulic systems. 
  • will understand the relation between pressure and flow
  • will complete a basic practical exercise (hands-on)


Technical understanding


1 days

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