CO111 – Service Ambassador - Communication skills for service engineers

CO111 – Service Ambassador - Communication skills for service engineers

This course presents a compelling new approach to customer communications. Proven tools guide the service professional and develop the core skills needed for effective communication. The training course provides you, as a service engineer, with the skills to build relationships, enhance loyalty, discover opportunities and differentiate their business from the competition.

Target group

Maintenance, Trainer


  • Identifying the ‘environmental factors’
  • The core competencies of a professional and successful service engineer
  • Comparing ‘modern consultative’ and ‘adversarial’ communication
  • The communication cycle
  • Key skills for ‘setting the stage’
  • Strategic questioning skills
  • Listening skills and the barriers to effective listening
  • Identifying customer needs and expectations
  • ‘Delivering the result’ - customer focus
  • Achieving customer satisfaction and future commitment

The Participant:

  • has developed and increased awareness of customer perceptions
  • is able to apply the customer ‘communications cycle’
  • has enhanced customer-focused communication skills
  • has developed skills to help identify customer needs and expectations
  • can identify ways to enhance the customer’s opinion of themselves and their company
  • can develop a personal action plan to help implement benefits gained in daily working


Practical understanding of the machines for which customer support is required as well as experience in visiting customers in an after-sales technical support role


2 days

World Skills