Training and Consulting – Range of courses 2017

for Technology & Organisation

Festo is a global engineering and manufacturing company that provides training and consulting services to customers around the world.

  • We are Training
  • We are Consulting
  • We are Industry
  • We are the Engineers of Productivity

Our portfolio combines training courses with tailor-made needs analysis, E-learning, course-ware, and hands-on learning systems. This unique integration increases the effectiveness of learning, optimizes outcomes, and learning transfer. We realize that investment in training and coaching are smart investments in sustainability, knowledge, skills, loyalty, and retention of your staff. The core benefits for all stakeholders are simple – more knowledge and an increased hands-on skill set, leading to:

  • Energy savings
  • Ideas and creativity
  • Decrease in downtime

Festo understands all of this because we are Industry and Education. We train for productivity and employability.

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