The new Training and Consulting services from Festo

Training Courses and Industrial Consulting. People and organizational development towards world-class manufacturing.

We all know that one and one does not always equal two. Many change projects demonstrate this every day. One and one can also be three. From a mathematical viewpoint, this is obviously incorrect, but when it comes to merging organisations it is certainly possible. The three represents the added value that comes from the new organisation.

However, added value does not just occur when several different things are combined into something new.

Whether a product or a service has added value, in other words whether it is of greater benefit, is ultimately decided by the customer – you.

We decided to synchronise and expand the training and consulting services in the Festo Group.

Our aim was and is to combine all of the expertise in the Festo Group under one roof, whether it is in the application of automation technology or in setting up and developing added value systems, combined to form the globally operating Festo Training and Consulting.

The Festo name is associated with optimum product quality, technical innovation, internationality, operational know-how and the latest executive and management concepts. The Festo added value system is used to guarantee and continuously develop production and process standards.

As a member of the Festo Group, Festo Training and Consulting can draw upon the experience of the various Festo companies.

The trainers and consultants are engaged in a constant dialogue with experts on site. Together, they work on future challenges and develop possible solutions for integrated added value systems.

The emergence of Festo Training and Consulting gives customers a single partner for all needs: Professional support for and optimisation of industrial processes and development of employee social and methodical skills.


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