MecLab® Interface

MecLab® Interface

Code a microcontroller to control a MecLab® Station
Interfacing microcontrollers with hardware provides rich learning possibilities for developing microcontroller programming skills. It also allows students to understand the role of microcontrollers in small appliances, a cornerstone of the Internet of Things.

MecLab® Interface is a component that bridges a Microcontroller Development System TP 1515 (8-bit PIC) or TP 1516 (Arduino) with any MecLab® Station. It allows control of the station by the microcontroller located on TP 1515/1516.

Using the visual programming software Flowcode, students can quickly and easily code a microcontroller to perform a sequence of actions on the station. The program is uploaded to the microcontroller and test run on the station.

The MecLab® Interface handles binary signals in and out of the microcontroller. Input signals from the station come from limit switches and sensors, for example, while output signals to the station control the station’s components, such as solenoid valves.

Handling the microcontroller device, making connections, coding in a visual environment, seeing components such as cylinders, valves, conveyors, etc. move as their program runs: this helps boost students’ engagement and motivation. 

Two variants
The choice between the two variants of the MecLab® Interface depends if your MecLab® Stations are equipped with the EasyPort Mini EasyKit with Power supply and Connecting cables (ref. 8075749):

  • Order MecLab® Interface – Complete (ref. 8136430) if you don’t have an EasyPort Mini EasyKit.
  • Order MecLab® Interface – Add-on (ref. 8127367) if you already have an EasyPort Mini EasyKit. 


  • Interfaces microcontrollers with hardware to create a unique, versatile learning environment suitable for STEM, college, or university students
  • Allows for a wide variety of projects of varied scopes
  • Expands the pedagogical potential of two learning solutions
  • Compatible with all MecLab® Stations and Equipment sets TP 1515/1516 

Technical data

  • Provides 6 input and 6 output channels to and from the microcontroller
  • Converts the 5 V input and output of the controllers to the 24 V of MecLab® Stations
  • Power input via barrel connector
  • The MecLab® Interface – Complete (Ref. 8136430) is composed of a flat cable with an adapter for the microcontroller board of TP 1515/1516 and an adapter for the station’s multi-pin plug distributor. It also includes a power supply and connecting cables.
  • The MecLab® Interface – Add-on (Ref. 8127367) is composed of a flat cable with an adapter for the two connectors of the microcontroller board of TP 1515/1516, and an adapter for the EasyPort Mini EasyKit device, which is to be installed on the station’s multi-pin plug distributor.

Note: The connector for the MecLab® Interface is located under the cover of the EasyPort Mini EasyKit