Tec2Screen® simulation (20/20): Coffee vending machine

Tec2Screen® simulation (20/20): Coffee vending machine


The Tec2Screen® simulations make it easier to get started with PLC programming. Realistic, graphical examples guide the user step-by-step through the complex program sequences.

A coffee vending machine offers various coffee mixed drinks to choose from. The feed separator releases a cup after the appropriate selection is made. A sensor detects the cup once it reaches the filling position and forwards the filling signal to the controller. This then controls the filling process based on the preset filling recipe.

Required Connects
3x Digital I/O Connect

Required accessories
Programmable logic controller, e.g. in the EduTrainer® Universal or EduTrainer® Compact, with at least:
– 4 digital inputs
– 8 digital outputs

To perform the simulation, you require Tec2Screen Manager 20/20, which you can install free of charge". It allows 20 users to work simultaneously on 20 workstations.

If you don’t want to purchase a Classroom Manager Cloud, you can download the Tec2Screen® Manager 20/20 free of charge. The following license level is available for the courses & simulations:

  • 20 users at 20 workstations

Training content

  • Data modules and recipes