Handling station

Handling station


No matter whether it's a simple depositing operation or highly complex assembly work – handling systems are always involved. Handling devices range from simple, two-axis handlers up to highly complex industrial robots with six axes. The handler in MecLab® consists of pneumatic cylinders with plain-bearing guides and has two axes. The workpiece is held by a gripper which is likewise pneumatically driven. The handler can transport the workpiece from one station to another or can join two workpiece halves together.

Technical learning objectives

  • Fundamentals of pneumatics
  • Double-acting cylinders
  • Gripper
  • Solenoid valves
  • Sensor technology – magnetic limit switches
  • Connecting tubing and wiring
  • Relay control systems
  • Control with logic
  • PLC controllers
  • Sequencing

Scope of delivery

  • Handling module
  • 3 solenoid valves
  • 4 magnetic limit switches
  • 2 pneumatic cylinders with plain-bearing guide
  • 1 pneumatic gripper
  • Multi-pin plug distributor
  • Aluminum slotted assembly board
  • Tool set
  • Workpieces
  • Systainer
  • Equipment trays
  • CD with FluidSIM® and documents


Recommendations for accessories, media and extensions