Electronics 2: eLearning course

Electronics 2: eLearning course

The "Electronics 2" training program is one of a series of new programs in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. These programs are real-world oriented and authentically structured. Real case studies provide a concise illustration of the topics covered. All training content is taught using audio clips. Additionally, the narrative text can be viewed on the sitemap.

Various tools are built into the training program, such as Excel worksheets, an integrated calculator, PDF files and various downloads. The training programs contain both a comprehensive glossary and a full text search.

Content extracts:

  • Signal types
  • Integrated circuits
  • Operational amplifier (OpAmp)
  • AC voltage of various frequencies
  • Characteristic values of amplifying circuits
  • Circuit technology of amplifiers
  • Filters
  • Bistable flip-flop
  • Single flip-flop
  • Sine wave generator
  • Rectangle generator
  • Thyristor-controlled drilling machine
  • Brightness control with triac
  • Adjusting the speed of an electric screwdriver

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