MPS 516-FMS – the complete package for demanding training scenarios

MPS 516-FMS – the complete package for demanding training scenarios

The system

MPS® 516-FMS system is a complete package comprising hardware and software that can be used straight from the box.

The system comprises 9 stations:

Incoming goods 
Distributing and Testing station
Handling and Processing station
Robot assembly station
Automatic warehouse station
Outgoing goods
Handling and Sorting station
Transport system station

The system can be flexibly expanded using the optional packages.

The training aims 

The multitude of stations and the technologies contained in them permit an investigation of almost all relevant areas of control and automation technology.

  • Construction of pneumatic and electropneumatic circuits
  • Learning about various sensors and actuators
  • Application and programming of PLCs
  • Application of various handling devices and grippers
  • Application of vacuum technology
  • Application of various electrical drives (DC, AC)
  • Application of frequency converters
  • Construction of a positioning control with incremental shaft encoder
  • Networking of sensors and actuators via AS-interface
  • Application of industrial robots for assembly tasks
  • Programming and simulation of robots
  • Set-up and mode of operation of transport systems
  • Mode of operation and purpose of pallet identification


The control concept
Each station is equipped with its own PLC. The only exception to this is the robot station; in this case the robot controller also controls the magazine and communicates with the transport system via I/Os. Communication between the transport system and the PLCs of the stations also takes place via a straightforward I/O interface. This simple and clear structure is one of the reasons this system is so popular – it facilitates quick and easy combination of the individual stations into a networked system. The AS-interface fieldbus is used within the transport system. Further additional bus systems can optionally be integrated.

Optional packages


Optional package Vision (V1)
Industrial CMOS compact camera with integrated illumination and Ethernet interface, mounted on a mobile trolley. The station can be integrated or used on its own for basic training. It is used to determine gripper parameters in connection with the robot assembly station. Professional image processing software is included.


Optional package Visualisation 
System visualisation and operation on the basis of industrial SCADA software. Communication between SCADA and controllers takes place via fieldbus or Ethernet. Choose from the following options:

  • WinCC and Profibus DP for Siemens
  • WinCC and Ethernet for Siemens
  • InTouch and Ethernet with CPX-CEC
  • InTouch and DeviceNet with Allen Bradley


Optional package CNC 
Upgrade the system with a small PC-controlled CNC machine. The machine is placed beside the assembly robot and looks after automatic loading and unloading. The optional package includes all the software necessary for operation.

  • MILL 55
  • TURN 60

MPS® 516-FMS range of packages

Consisting of:


  • 1x pallet transport system FMF-F
  • 1x automated warehouse
  • 1x robot station with Magazine station*
  • 1x Distributing station*
  • 1x Testing station*
  • 2x Handling station*
  • 1x Processing station*
  • 1x Sorting station*

Software and media:

  • Programming package STEP 7 Trainer Package
  • CIROS®
  • Mechatronics Assistant with 12 licences


Commissioning and initial training in Germany with delivery, installation and commissioning of the system at the destination. Two days of initial training for up to 4 persons.

* Includes mobile base frame, MPS® control panel and S7-300 EduTrainer® Universal. Technical data: See MPS® Stations.