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Helping to Close The Skills Gap

The Mechatronics Apprenticeship Program Partners was established by Festo Didactic to address the workforce skills gap in Advanced Manufacturing. MAP2 is designed to help individuals learn advanced manufacturing skills as well as earn an asociate’s degree in mechatronics. Participants learn in a classroom while holding a steady job. The program mission is to help employers develop skills that are missing in today’s workforce by combining theoretical education with hands-on and on-the-job training.


Grow your own

The current skills gap has left manufacturers like you confronting a giant obstacle: an under-quali- fied workforce. Over 375,000 jobs will be unfulfilled, costing companies annual earnings due to downtime, overtime, and increased cycle times. Apprenticeship programs can help solve this problem through inhouse development of the workforce you need for more efficient production. In addition, you gain highly competent employees, reduce turnover costs, and increase employee retention, consequently, improving pro- ductivity and product quality and services, allowing a higher return on investment.

Increasing success

Today’s educational insti- tutions face enormous challenges in preparing students for success in their chosen careers. Research has shown that most students are unprepared for today’s workforce and lack the critical thinking and problem solving skills employers expect. By partnering in our MAP2 apprenticeship program, educators and business can directly collaborate to provide a state-of-the-art learning environment that improves student engagement and performance, increasing their chances at post-graduation success.

Classes cover:

  • Electrical

  • Machining

  • Engineering

  • PLC

  • General Education

Learn while you earn

Apprenticeship programs offer a unique opportu- nity to obtain a highly valued skill set, while still earning a living. The MAP2 program is built on a dual education system that combines classroom learning with on-the-job training. As an Appren- tice, you directly apply your classroom learning in hands-on practice at the Festo Learning Center, and subsequently employ your new skill-set in a real-world environment. Tuition and training are paid by the company, ensuring that you are free of student debt. Upon successful completion of the program, you will earn an Associate degree, as well as a new beginning in promising career.

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Mechatronics Apprenticeship Program Partners


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