Level Two: Advanced Mechatronics

Building career expertise
At FI4.0CP Level 2, certified students will be skilled technicians who are able to assess and analyze the system as a whole. They can manage, investigate, repair and troubleshoot I4.0 systems to maximize operation and process control. They understand how individual components interact with each other to make the whole system run efficiently.

Product ID Fundamentals

Applied Fluid Power

Applied PLC

Applied Mechanical Systems

Applied Robotics

Applied Industry 4.0


Student will perform the following roles/tasks:

  • Set up, commission and systematically troubleshoot complex electro-pneumatic systems.
  • Calculate cost to generate and use compressed air and identify system inefficiencies for correction.
  • Understand, describe, implement, and maintain vacuum systems.
  • Understand and Utilize CoDeSys for programming and troubleshooting.
  • Modify a current PLC program and integrate HMI (Human-Machine Interface) Applications.
  • Describe and explain the function of RFID, Barcodes/QR Codes, and Vision Systems.
  • Program and edit complex robot applications, incorporating sensors and other automated elements.
  • Understand and incorporate critical safety measures, such as machine guarding, for robotic systems.
  • Define and configure Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and related functionality.
  • Explain how 3D Modeling of systems impacts production systems.


Job Opportunities

  • Mechatronics Technician
  • Automation Technician
  • Robotics Technician
  • PLC Technician
  • Applications Engineer