PA201 – Practical Mastery of Closed Loop Control

In this course you will master the principles of automatic process control and the operation of the feedback loop to include proportional, integral and derivative control modes as well as advanced concepts of cascade, ratio, and feed-forward control. You will also learn and practice controller tuning methods and get an overview of drawings used in industry.


* Operation of the components in a closed-loop control system including static and dynamic functions

* Requirements for open- and closed-loop stability and control system tuning methods

* Functionality of cascade control loops and the advantages of cascade control over single-element feedback control, and tuning a cascade control loop for optimum control

* Principles and design features of feed-forward control and tuning a feed-forward control system for optimum control

* Operation and function of ratio control systems and tuning of ratio control systems

* Safety concerns and procedures when operating control systems


The participant:

* Can commission a basic closed-loop control system

* Can initiate and modify basic closed-loop control systems

* Can identify components

* Can read a circuit diagram or wiring schematic

* Can connect components according to a circuit diagram or wiring schematic

* Can operate, describe, identify and analyze a control

* Knows the fundamentals of closed-loop controls

Basic knowledge of Pneumatics, DC Technology, Sensors Technology and PLC (PN111, EL131, AUT121 and PLC411 or PLC391)

This is a 3-day class.

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