PN381 - Vacuum Technology

PN381 - Vacuum Technology

Vacuum technology is a widely used element in pneumatics and handling systems, yet many technicians are not familiar with how it works. This course aims to fill this knowledge gap.

Target Group
All personnel involved with the design, installation, maintenance, operation and servicing of vacuum components and systems.


This one day course covers:

  • Introduction to vacuum technology

  • Vacuum generation in handling technology
  • Vacuum components in handling technology

  • Component selection criteria
  • Basic circuit design

At the conclusion of this course, participants:

  • Will understand the generation and provision of vacuum
  • Are able to describe the fundamentals of vacuum
  • Can select and dimensions suction cups
  • Can interpret the material properties of handling with vacuum
  • Can interpret the vacuum generator properties
  • Can design simple vacuum circuits

PN111 - Modern Industrial Pneumatics

This is a one day course. Please contact us to discuss course details and possible customization to your specific needs

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