PN361 - Energy Efficiency in Pneumatics

PN361 - Energy Efficiency in Pneumatics

This training deals with the innovative improvements in energy saving for fundamental pneumatic applications, covering the areas of compressed air production, distribution, preparation and the pneumatic circuits. After this course, the participant is able to identify the improvement potentials in his or her working environment. This training is specifically designed to match the training needs of customers who have already made use of Festo's Energy Saving Service.

Target Group
Maintenance Supervisor/Facilities Engineer

Participants in this course will learn about:

  • Cost of electricity
  • Cost of compressed air
  • Compressor efficiency
  • Multiple compressor systems
  • Compressor location
  • Reducing delivery pressure
  • Efficiency measures for pneumatic applications

At the conclusion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Calculate energy cost to generate compressed air
  • Identify system inefficiencies and offer corrective measures
  • Determine minimum safe operating pressure levels to conserve energy
  • Calculate air consumption of system components

Knowledge of Pneumatics (PN111)

This is a one day course. Please contact us to discuss course details and possible customization to your specific needs.

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