PN142 – Effective Industrial Problem-Solving Techniques for Maintenance Staff

Modern industrial plants have a high level of complexity, making it increasingly difficult for maintenance staff to detect the cause of faults with technical competence and experience alone.
A methodical approach is required. This includes analysis of the environment, communication with specialist departments and systematic use of appropriate problem-solving techniques.

Target Group



This 2-day course covers the following topics:

* Function plans of complex industrial equipment

* Introduction of GRAFCET

* Troubleshooting using problem solving techniques

* Causes of downtime and how to prepare a fault list

* Methods/tools for analyzing weak spots


The participants:

* have become familiar with the technical structure of a complex machine

* understand the cause of downtime and failures

* can prepare and evaulate failure lists

* can solve technical probelms using a structured approach

Basic General Knowledge

This is a 2-day course. Please contact us to discuss the course in detail or possible customization to your specific needs.

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