PLC271 – CODESYS for Industry

PLC271 – CODESYS for Industry

Maintaining flexibility despite a high degree of automation is one of the most important challenges in many manufacturing companies. It demands the integration and networking of different controls in a complex automation system. This is further complicated by the huge variety of programming software available. Differences in user-interfaces, functionality and command sets cause confusion and make mistakes more likely.

CoDeSys is a tried-and-tested, globally-introduced and hardware-independent software. It constitutes a Controller Development System according to the IEC 61131-3 with all defined programming languages independent of the hardware manufacturer. On completion of the course the participant knows when to use CoDeSys and masters the basic features and simple programming.

Target Group
Service technicians, electricians and programmers


This three-day course covers the follwing topics:

  • an overview of the CODESYS software
  • introduction to the IEC 61131-3 PLC programming languages
  • undersand and apply a systematic method for independent PLC programming
  • describe the sequence of automated systems using GRAFCET
  • using the Visualization tools with CODDESYS
  • troubleshooting automated sysems with CODESYS
  • profesional PLC programming project documentation

On completion of the course, the participant:

  • can use and combine IEC 61131-3 languages (CoDeSys v2.3) to program a professional solution for an industrial application quickly and efficiently
  • can program IEC 61131-2 compatible industrial controllers
  • can describe the sequence of the MPS Distribution Station or MecLab module Handling using Grafcet or Motion Step diagram
  • can program the sequence of the Used module using a language or combination of languages
  • can use debugging tools to simulate, test and trace
  • can use CoDeSys features for troubleshooting
  • masters the fundamentals of visualisation
  • can create and use different kinds of variables
    (local, global and system)

  • can produce a professional documentation of a project
  • knows how to find help within the software
  • knows how to create an Empty project for I/O testing
  • knows how to create a Boot project to start the controller automatically
  • can confidently identify relationships within the process
  • can avoid damage and failure in the case of user-specific errors through safe and precise intervention

This is a three-day course.




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09/30/2020 - 10/01/2020 Mason, Ohio
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