PLC211 - Siemens S7 Workshop

PLC211 - Siemens S7 Workshop

This course covers the structure and mode of operation of the Simatic S7 as well as how to create simple logic association and sequence programs. A key element of the course is application and handling, using the programming terminology and taking into account the various interfaces between the individual technologies (mechanical, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical and PLC).

Target Group
Maintenance, Engineering, Trainer/Consultant, Process-Engineering Maintenance, Design/Engineering

This two day course covers the following elements:

  • Basic structure of the Simatic S7 controller
  • Roles of the input and output modules
  • The 3 programming languages: FUC, LD and IL
  • Archiving and restoring PLC programs
  • Structured programming
  • Sequence programming in FUC

At the conclusion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • configure and commission a Simatic S7 controller
  • create, read out and change hardware configurations
  • create and commission PLC programs with logic associations and sequences
  • combine various program modules into structured programs
  • delimit and eliminate faults and errors using the diagnostic buffer and status display
  • understand and create complex program structure
  • find errors in complex programs quickly and efficiently
  • establish the reasons for machine stoppages with the aid of the PLC program
  • make changes and additions to programs developed by others

Basic Technical Knowledge

This is a Two Day Course. Please contact us to discuss the course in detail or possible customization to your specific needs.