AUT111 – GRAFCET – An Industrial Process Description

Used in automation and process engineering, GRAFCET is a specification language for sequences in accordance with DIN/EN 60848. It replaces DIN 40719-6 Function Chart. If you are involved in design and engineering, the course provides you with an invaluable planning tool. GRAFCET delivers a primary working document for plant engineers and line builders – and provides maintenance staff with the key to fast and effective troubleshooting.

Target groups
Maintenance staff, designers, engineers, trainers


  • Explanation of the key elements of the standard
  • What can GRAFCET do that Function Chart cannot?
  • Modes of operation
  • Hierarchies
  • Macro- and micro-structures
  • Decentralized intelligence and sequences
  • Creating example GRAFCETs

The participant:

  • knows the advantages, benefits and application fields of GRAFCET
  • knows the characteristics and structure of GRAFCET plans
  • can read and understand a GRAFCET plan
  • can visualize automation technology problems step by step with GRAFCET
  • can draw their own GRAFCET plans of varying degrees of difficulty

Basic knowledge of Pneumatics, DC Technology, Sensors Technology and PLC (PN111, EL131, AUT121 and PLC411 or PLC391)

2 day

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