AUT211 - Mechatronics Level 1

AUT211 - Mechatronics Level 1

Today we are surrounded by automation systems, or Mechatronics: the combination of mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, electronics and information technology. This seminar provides you with an understanding of system thinking, lays the foundation for mastery of industrial automation. Thus, enabling you to commission, operate, adjust, and maintain these machines.

We also have a Mechatronics Level 2 Course!

Target Group
Maintenance Technician, Production Design/Engineer, Trainer


This course covers the following topics:

  • Basic physical principles
  • Fundamentals of pneumatics and electro-pneumatics
  • DC electricity
  • Basic PLC fundamentals
  • Basic sensor technology
  • Hands on exercises and troubleshooting

At the conclusion of the training, the participant will be able to:

  • Troubleshoot basic mechatronic control systems
  • Assemble and test basic mechatronic circuits (pneumatic and electro-pneumatic, electrical and PLC circuits)
  • Troubleshoot, test/replace faulty pneumatic and electro-pneumatic components
  • Identify and evaluate various DC electrical circuits and components
  • Evaluate, troubleshoot, and repair basic problems in a PLC controlled system
  • Use a PLC as a troubleshooting tool to identify problems in an automated system


General technical understanding and a background in automation