IM181 - Basics of Effective Maintenance

IM181 - Basics of Effective Maintenance

Machinery and production processes in modern industrial plants are highly complex. Thus, maintenance staff do not only require excellent technical knowledge and skills, but also the ability to apply them in a methodical way.

After the completion of this training course, participants can implement systematic and efficient maintenance of machines and systems.

Target Group
Maintenance Staff

This 2-day course cover the following topics

  • Role of maintenance and technical service
  • The six typical sources of loss in machines and systems
  • Maintenance, inspection and repair
  • Key indicators for maintenance:
    • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
    • TEEP (Total Equipment Effectiveness Productivity)
    • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)
    • MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)
  • Analysis of weak spots and targetedimprovement of machines and systems
  • Spare parts management
  • Maintenance Organization
  • Evaluation of maintenance work
  • Practical examples and exercises

At the conclusion of this course, the participant can:

  • Recognize the different areas and roles of maintenance
  • Identify the six typical kinds of losses on machine and systems and improve these in a systematic way
  • Understand typical maintenance documents and be able to use them in their daily work
  • Integrate and optimize their own work in the processes of the maintenance area

Basic knowledge of Pneumatics, DC Technology, Sensors Technology and PLC (PN111, EL131, AUT121, PLC411 or PLC391)

This is a 2-day course.