EL174 - Industrial Wiring - Level 4

The course focuses on the necessary electrical connections in a panel boxes and control boxes using electrical drawings, schematics, and the National Electrical Code. Participants will perform troubleshooting activities using the circuits constructed during the training.

Target Group
Maintenance Operators, machine installers, and other staff needing skills and knowledge to complete electrical tasks.


  • Planning of power distribution plants
  • Drawing electrical power distribution plants
  • Installing a main distribution panelboard
  • Conduit installation
  • Conductor installation
  • Wiring of the main distribution panelboard
  • Installing a downstream distribution panelboard
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Basic safety procedures
  • Reading and understanding of equipment utilization chart


At the conclusion of the training, the participant:

  • Can plan, install, and commission power distribution plants
  • Can explain advanced electrical installation standards
  • Can ensure the electrical circuit protection measures

Fundamentals of Industrial Machine Wiring