EL173 - Industrial Wiring - Level 3

The course focuses on three phase electric motors and their operation. Participants will make wiring connections on three phase motors and associated controls/ancillary devices using electrical diagrams and schematic. Troubleshooting skills are learned throughout the training on circuits constructed by the participants.

Target Group
Maintenance operators, machien installers, and other staff needing skills and knowledge to complete electrical tasks.


  • Planning of motor installations
  • Drawing electrical motor circuits
  • Installing a DC motor drive
  • Installing a manual Starter for a three-phase induction motor
  • Installing an AC Motor Drive
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Basic safety procedures
  • Reading and understanding of equipment utilization chart


At the conclusion of the training, the participant:

  • Can plan, install, and commission AC/DC motors and starters
  • Can explain AC and DC motor installation standards
  • Can ensure the electrical circuit and mechanical protection measures

Fundamentals of Industrial Machine Wiring