EL172 - Industrial Wiring - Level 2

This course is designed to make the participant aware of the basic control circuits for three-phase AC motors along with how they have their place in modern automation technology. The participants will see how simple automation tasks are set up with low-cost safety circuits and how the design, function and areas of application are explained for each components use.

Target Group
Maintenance operators, machine installers, and other staff needing skills and knowledge to complete electrical tasks


  • Planning of motor installations
  • Drawing electrical motor circuits
  • Building a magnetic starter for a three-phase induction motor
  • Adding maintenance control to the magnetic starter
  • Adding remote control to the magnetic starter with maintenance control
  • Installing a soft starter for a three-phase induction motor
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Basic safety procedures
  • Reading and understanding of equipment utilization chart

At the conclusion of the training, the participant can:

  • Plan and install three-phase motors and their circuits
  • Plan and install remote control, magnetic and soft starters
  • Commission three-phase motor installations
  • Explain three phase installation standards
  • Ensure the electrical circuit protection measures

Fundamentals of Industrial Machine Wiring