EL171 - Industrial Wiring - Level 1

This introductory course is designed to provide extensive hands-on application of skills relating to the installation of electrical components and ancillary equipment. The participants construct an electrical circuit to operate machine equipment from electrical and construction drawings.
Activities include the proper installation of: mounting hardware (Unistrut), electrical boxes, FMC, FNMC, EMT, DIN rail, electrical wiring, pushbutton controls, and single phase electrical motors.

Target Group
Maintenance operators, machine installers, and other staff needing skills and knowledge to complete electrical tasks.


- Reading Electrical Drawings

- Conductor Installation

- Installing of a Safety Switch Handle on a Control Enclosure

- Installing of a Motor Overload Reset Button

- Wiring of an Overhead Door

- Troubleshooting the Overhead Door

At the conclusion of the training, the participant can:

- Plan, install, and commission basic electrical circuits

- Explain fundamental electrical installation standards

- Ensure the electrical circuit protection measures

- Identify and use proper electrical tools for installations

Knowledge of DC Technology and AC Technology (EL131 & EL141)