EL131 - DC Electricity

EL131 - DC Electricity

In this course we will cover basic atomic theory, voltage, current and resistance. Participants will calculate, analyze, construct and verify basic series, parallel and series-parallel circuits. Participants will construct and verify proper operation of various electrical circuits.

Target Group
Industrial Staff, Technicians

This 2-day course covers the following topics:

  • Electric current
  • Units and symbols
  • Ohm?s Law
  • Measuring in the circuit
  • Voltage supplies: direct current and alternating current
  • Loads in electrical circuits
  • Series connection
  • Parallel connection
  • Voltage divider
  • Circuit principles
  • Electrical components
  • Avoidable and unavoidable measuring errors
  • Conductors, semiconductors, non-conductors (insulators)

At the conclusion of the course, the participant can:

  • Explain the working principle of an electrical circuit and all the basic physical phenomena
  • Effectively measure an electrical circuit
  • Name the key electrical components used in industry
  • Build and commission basic electrical circuits
  • Read basic electrical circuit diagrams

Basic Technical Knowledge

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