CC700 – Crash Course – Successfully Implementing a Dual Education Program in Your Company

This compact one-day workshop is designed for companies planning to venture
into a dual track apprenticeship program


  • Understand, implement and organize dual track training
  • Manage organizational topics, involve company leaders, and communicate
  • Define required roles and tasks within your company
  • Implement and organize effective hands-on training
  • Train and educate incumbent workers as well as high-school graduates
  • Prepare and implement practical and theoretical instructions as part of the training
  • Prepare and implement practical and theoretical examinations in line with the requirements of the dual training


This workshop will help to pinpoint necessary parameters:

  • Technical training and knowledge transfer - OJT
  • Teaching methods and training standards
  • Responsibilities, roles and organization of OJT for the apprentices
  • Training for competencies
  • Evaluation criteria, feedback and progress-checks
  • Course preparation and implementation
  • Monitoring and improving
  • Retention of the apprentices - begins with recruitment and continues after graduation of the program

1 day

This is a one (1) day course.