Laboratory furniture for electrical engineering: Swing, Basic and cabinet systems

Laboratory furniture for electrical engineering: Swing, Basic and cabinet systems

Professional laboratory equipment
Intelligent and innovative laboratory solutions for electrical engineering – from single workstations to complete laboratories.

Together with our partner Haid KG, we are developing the Swing laboratory furniture series. Haid KG specialises in consulting, developing, planning and producing equipment for electronic and electrical engineering, laboratory furniture systems for research and training, as well as ergonomically designed laboratory and assembly workstations.

Choose from a multitude of matching modular workstations, intelligent and reliable solutions for power supply, device technology, cabinet systems and all the necessary high-quality accessories. It goes without saying that all products have been tested for safety.

Festo Didactic is the sole supplier of Haid KG products on the didactic market. We are happy to assist you with planning, selecting and sizing your workstation or laboratory.

Swing profile columns
The Swing profile solution optimally meets all demands in terms of visual appearance, functionality as well as both flexibility and modularity. The cable duct integrated into the profile facilitates the concealed laying of cables and compressed air supply lines. The cable duct and any unused connection elements are sealed with cover profiles to keep them clean. Levelling screws in all table legs round off the overall concept.

The floating tabletop
The Swing profile and the worktop are connected via delicate yet stable connecting components, making the entire system transparent. Swing add-on workbenches are connected to the basic workbench. The height-adjustable worktops lock into one another seamlessly and are all supported by the legs in the centre.

Swing table substructures
A wide spectrum of workbench substructures form part of the Swing program. Under-workbench units and roller containers with drawers in various depths, either with or without pull-out shelf, form the basic equipment. It is also available in ESD version, installations for electronic and electrical engineering. We offer special floor units for PCs.

Basic is the functional, inexpensive laboratory equipment system for electrical engineering, with solid worktop supports made of powder-coated steel tubes. It consists of workbenches in six different widths and three depths.

In addition, you can completely equip your laboratory space with multimedia workstations and cabinet systems.