The first Train-the-Trainer for 2019 is here!

Start your path to Industry 4.0 certification today.

Train-the-Trainer 33 2019

The first Train-the-Trainer for 2019 is coming up featuring many courses from the Festo Industry 4.0 Certification Program. These in-depth and hands-on courses are the first step to implementing FI4.0CP certifications for your students. FI4.0CP is designed to provide specialized technical and I4.0 curriculum with hands-on training and information students need to become industry experts – learning as the technology evolves, with the flexibility to shape and mold a career path with endless possibilities. Level 1 and 2 courses are also aligned to NIMS and Siemens standards which continue to be the basis used by industry for recruiting, hiring, placement and promotion, and by training and educational institutions as performance measures.

This session will be held on January 21st – 25th on the West-MEC Campus in Phoenix, AZ. It will feature six courses from the FI4.0CP, including mechanical systems, fluid power, PLC’s and sensors. During the week, instructors will maximize their learning success by combining the theoretical knowledge they gain with practical experiences. This holistic approach provides them the confidence that they are providing students the best possible opportunity for career advancement. You don’t need to be from an NC3 partner school to attend the classes. All are welcome to consider first-hand the value of FI4.0CP to the instructors, their schools and students.

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