Mechatronics Championships

Festo Official Sponsor of SkillsUSA Mechatronics Competition

Competitor commissioning an MPS station with fluid muscle

Following our tradition of the past several years, Festo Learning Systems will be once again sponsoring the SkillsUSA Mechatronics competition at SkillsUSA in Kansas City, on June 21-24, 2011.

Secondary and post-secondary teams will compete to troubleshoot real world automation technology problems, often experienced in a real factory environment.

So What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is a career and educational discipline that combines the industrial skills of mechanics, electronics and computer-based controls, with team-oriented approach to problem solving.  Skilled Mechatronics technicians are required for the maintenance, repair and operation of modern automated manufacturing systems. 

SkillsUSA is open to active members enrolled in Mechatronics technology programs as the occupational objective.  Where this program is not yet available, students may compete if they are enrolled in industrial electricity, fluid power technology, programmable controls (PLC) technology or industrial automation programs.  States will select a team of two contestants from the same educational category.  Students must enroll in the national competition as a team of two. 

Teams will be required to build a Mechatronic system according to printed directions and drawings.  The system shall consist of mechanical, pneumatics, electrical and electronic components that must be assembled, tubed, wired, adjusted and tested for proper system operation.  Contestants will be judged for accuracy and neatness, as well as general interdisciplinary knowledge of the individual technologies and how they interact in an integrated system.  This will be a timed event.  In order to successfully compete, teams must have demonstrated abilities in the following areas:

  • Interpret mechanical drawings, electrical circuit diagrams and pneumatic circuit diagrams (e.g. "blueprints")
  • Install, adjust and troubleshoot mechanical, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electrical systems and components
  • Install a pre-programmed PLC (high school level contestants)
  • Install and program a PLC (college/post secondary contestants)
  • System troubleshooting
  • Written exam
  • Oral exam

For additional information, please contact Dan Blanck at 631-404-3181 (email: 

Festo is the official supplier of the competition equipment and the organizer of the Mechatronics discipline