International Fluid Power Society (IFPS)

Introduces New Mechatronics Certification for industrial automation operators and technicians

The International Fluid Power Society, an organization for fluid power and motion control professionals, has started development on a Mechatronics certification for industrial automation operators and technicians.  As a member of the IFPS, Festo is contributing to, and supporting the development of this important certification program.This new certification will enable an individual to demonstrate competence in Mechatronics by confirming proficiency, career involvement and knowledge in industrial automation processes, as well as sound troubleshooting techniques.

What is the IFPS?

The International Fluid Power Society is a non-profit, member-supported association for fluid power and motion control professionals. Chartered in 1960, the IFPS has chapters throughout the United States as well as internationally. Student chapters are located in leading fluid power educational institutions. The Society’s services include education and certifications for fluid power and motion control professionals.

What is special about IFPS certifications?

IFPS certifications are recognized industry-wide and consist of education, review training, testing and recognition for fluid power and motion control professionals. Certifications are available at various skill levels including mechanic, technician, and specialist.

Certifications are independent and “vendor neutral”, portable, and are re-accredited every 5 years. Individuals who master an IFPS certification are issued a credential that recognizes their accomplishment.

What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering, electronics and intelligent computer control in the design and manufacture of industrial products and processes. Examples of Mechatronics systems include, but are not limited to, automated manufacturing systems, robotics, CNC machining centers and packaging systems.

How could I benefit from an IFPS Mechatronics Certification?

Certifications from the IFPS are recognized by industry as state of the art, attesting that individuals can perform effectively in an advanced manufacturing context. You will be tested on various cross-functional manufacturing technologies that will prove your understanding of complex manufacturing processes, troubleshooting and resolving complicated, interdisciplinary manufacturing problems.

In addition

  • Certification demonstrates an individual’s commitment to the profession and an ability to perform to a set of standards.
  • Certification sets an individual apart as a leader in the chosen field.
  • Certification enhances a profession’s image.
  • Certification reflects that an individual has demonstrated excellence in the chosen profession.
  • Certification establishes professional credentials.

When will this new Mechatronics Certification be available?

We estimate 12 to 18 months before a new certification will become available.

What can I do to improve my skills in the meantime?

Our recommendation is to join the IFPS and start your certification process by achieving one of the fluid power certifications currently offered. This will prepare you to “sit” for a Mechatronics Certification exam once it is available.

Why is Festo recommending the IFPS for certifications?

The IFPS is an independent, member-supported organization that provides vendor neutral certifications of all kinds for automation and motion control professionals. Their certifications are recognized throughout industry and help industry professionals demonstrate and document their skills and capabilities. Companies and individuals rely on the IFPS for quality certifications.


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