Festo Didactic at IMTS: Smartforce Student Summit

Experience the latest breakthroughs in Industry 4.0 technology and career paths.

IMTS: Smartforce Student Summit

Stop by our interactive booth to experience the latest breakthroughs in Industry 4.0 technology and career paths. We’ll be showcasing exciting developments in bionics, and providing virtual reality tours to experience what it will be like in the near future to work alongside robots in a cyber-physical factory. And don’t forget to join us for our student pinball machine competition!

Robotics for Advanced Manufacturing Training: Preparing Educators and the Workforce for Industry 4.0

Understanding and mastering robotics is key to advancing in the new industrial model known as Industry 4.0. Technology developments in this field open the door to new applications and configurations, as well as human-robot interactions. Industry needs knowledgeable, skilled robotics engineers, technicians, and operators. To enable trainers to successfully integrate robotics into programs and lab facilities, Festo Didactic offers holistic advanced manufacturing approaches to integrate industrial stationary, mobile and service robots into your learning environment. Hardware equipment is supported by multimedia and training tools, creating a blended learning environment.

See our MPS® 203 I4.0 with Fanuc Collaborative Robot

The MPS 203 I4.0 system is a modular production line comprising of a distribution/conveyor, joining and sorting stations. The entire system is networked and additionally equipped with several RFID write/read heads. The system processes work orders which have been generated by the MES. Integrated to the MPS 203 i4.0 for demonstration is FANUC's family of CR (Collaborative Robot) Series robots, the first-ever force limited Collaborative Robots able to work alongside of employees without the need for fencing. They stop moving on contact and restart with the simple push of a button. In addition, our mobile robot, Robotino®, will carry work peices from the robot station and feed it back into the production line creating a continous loop.

Hands-on with CP Lab

The Cyber-Physical Lab is the professional and compact Industry 4.0 learning system from Festo Didactic. It includes the necessary technologies and components for communicating extensive knowledge of Industry 4.0. The modular and flexible configuration has a range of learning scenarios that can be worked on, from individual pallet transfer systems with integrated control right up to a connected production system with cloud services.

Experience Our Cyber-Physical Factory Through VR

The CP Factory, a comprehensive Industry 4.0 training factory, reflects the new developments in Industry 4.0 network production and offers a modular Smart Factory system for teaching and research purposes. CP Factory illustrates the practical implementation of a networked factory and can be used to represent the entire value chain.

Meet Robotino

This innovative mobile robot application for the classroom is both a learning system and a research platform for future industrial applications. Robotino is an assistance system designed to relieve Industry 4.0 workers of monotonous. They can be a cost-efficient alternative to classic robot concepts in future.

Closing the Skills Gap & Equipping the Technical Workforce of the Future

As the global leader in automation, Festo provides the highest quality equipment, learning systems and curriculums to high schools, as well as higher ed. Festo is also the premier partner and sponsor for high school engineering and mechatronics competitions such as SkillsUSA/WorldSkills, Stihl summer camp and IEEE Mini Academy. For higher ed training, Festo partners with colleges and universities and corporate partners like Nestlé to provide rigorous apprenticeship programs. We’re committed to preparing students for in-demand jobs in a complex industrial environment. Our students will receive hands-on learning on the highest quality equipment aligned with Industry 4.0 standards — the same equipment they’ll work on when they graduate. As a result, students graduate with the skills and confidence they need to work in advanced manufacturing and other Industry 4.0 careers.