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– From laboratory design to laboratory equipment
– From breakdown diodes to drive technology
– From kits to training factories
– From C++ to mobile robots


Festo Didactic is a comprehensive supplier for basic and further training in automation technology, mechatronics, electrical engineering and electronics. 

Current topics from A to Z

  • Drive technology
  • Automation technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Production technologies
  • Building systems technology
  • Information technology
  • Mechatronics
  • Sensor technology
  • Safety engineering
  • PLC technology
  • Open-loop control technology
  • Closed-loop control technology
  • Process engineering 

From laboratory design to laboratory equipment

Laboratory design with LabCreator                    Equipment holders to meet every need

Screen_LabCreator-3D-Ansich.jpg d0416a0066ap.jpg
The free LabCreator laboratory design program from Festo Didactic lets you plan laboratories in 2D before constructing them in 3D! We – or you – can use it to develop professional-standard laboratories, or even entire training centres. Your architect will be enthused. You can download LabCreator for free here.

Modular workstation systems for basic and further electrical engineering training. With numerous practical details for easier teaching and learning. Just a small number of base components allow solutions to be developed for all applications:

  • Various laboratory furniture solutions 
  • Mounting frames in A4 size and ER format, aluminium profile plate or perforated plate grid 
  • Table assemblies and cockpits for standard 19" modular systems 
  • Cabinets, multimedia workstations and wide-ranging accessories

Standard 19" modular systems
A wide range of units such as infinitely variable power supplies, laboratory power supplies, three-phase supplies, fixed voltage power supplies, variable isolation transformers for AC/DC and three-phase current, devices for test engineering and even compressed air supplies leave nothing to be desired.

From breakdown diodes to drive technology – learning projects from A to Z

From components to function blocks:
Festo Didactic learning systems are synonymous with hands-on learning using real industrial components, tailored to the trainees' skill level: from Ohm's law to the complex fields of drive and control technology.

From kits to training factories – application and process-oriented leaning systems

Industry-oriented basic and further training

Since practical training on actual production and industrial systems is seldom possible, kits, stations, systems and training factories prepare trainees for the demands of their profession in the best possible way.

You determine the degree of complexity

  • Small projects using modules and project kits for production and process automation. 
  • Complex tasks using e.g. stations from the MPS® Modular Production System 
  • Multi-layered projects using interconnected stations, integrated systems and training factories such as the AFB factory.

From C++ to mobile robots – learning projects in information and control technology

Technology that's fun to use: Robotino®

Robotino® is a mobile robot, an electrical engineering learning system, and an ideal basis for project work and research thanks to its modular structure, attachment fixtures, and open software interfaces.
Technology that's fun to use!

From good value to added value – more than just products

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