License not found (WibuKey V 6.40)


Since I have the WibuKey driver version 6.40 installed, the license cannot be found

This error occurs only, if you installed the most recent driver for WibuKey from the WIBU website. 

The WibuKey driver V 6.40 returns incompatible data during the version check. Since a minimum version is required for operation, the software can not be started.

Remove the WibuKey dongle from the PC and then remove the WibuKey driver through the Control Panel, using the normal function to de-install software. Restart the system now.
Download the WibuKey driver in version 6.32 (23.7.15) from the Wibu website and install it. Please confirm during the installation, that you want to use the older version of the files. Your settings will be retained.

For FluidSIM the most actual version of March, 2nd, 2017  will eliminate the problem. It is available at for download , also as Update from V5.x.