FluidSIM 4.0 Message: Install WibuKey 3.0 or later



The version FluidSIM 4.0 does not provide a 64-bit driver installation for 64-bit systems, also no manual steps are possible. This version from 2006 has included a 32-bit driver which is installed in any case. We therefore recommend the destruction of these installation media for customers who use such computers (even partially).

The FluidSIM 4.2 version also installs the 32-bit driver - if it does not find such a driver. The CD contains a 64 bit driver, which can be pre-installed manually. Note that this version has a considerable age as well.

Please download version 4.5 from "www.FluidSIM.de" for new installations of FluidSIM. This version recognizes which driver is needed. Burn a CD / DVD or use appropriate ISO handling programs for installation.


To remove the "wrong" driver, proceed as follows.
Do not shorten it - it is very likely that a complete cleaning is necessary again

  • If required, stop the WibuKEY server process (if it runs, possibly as a service) (WkSvW32.exe)
  • If the license server was set up, look for the keys in the registry
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WIBUKEY] and
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WIBUKEY2] and delete them completely.
  • Disconnect all WIBU-BOXs ("green dongles")
  • Open the WIBU-KEY dialog in the Control Panel and reset the Plug & Play mechanism (Installation view).
  • Un-install the 32-bit WIBU-KEY driver completely via the appropriate function in the Control Panel.
  • Open the [% systemroot%inf] folder in Windows Explorer. (I.e., usually C.\Windows\inf)
  • Search for the search string "WIBU" in all "oem*.inf" files.
    It is easier to find this driver when you open the device manager, find the "WIBU-BOX" under USB and open its "properties". In this box
    under the "Details" view, you can select a variety of "properties", including the "INF name".
  • Delete all found INF files with this criterion and the associated PNF files
    (For example, you found OEM123.inf that contains "WIBU", so you delete OEM123.PNF and OEM123.INF).

  • Restart the computer.
Now you are ready to perform a clean installation of the WIBU-KEY driver. Make sure that you have administrator privileges and that no WIBU box is plugged in.
  • If you are using FluidSIM 4.5 or a WBT 1.5 or better, start installing the software.
    If these programs are not available, you can download the combined 32/64-bit driver directly from WIBU.
  • From Windows8, it is mandatory to download and install the latest WIBU driver.
  • After rebooting, install the driver in the current 64-bit version using the Downloads or during the normal installation of the software.
  • Insert the "WIBU box (s)" only after installing the driver.
  • The "new hardware found" dialog will appear and install the hardware automatically.
You can now recognize all connected dongles in the WibuKey dialog in the control panel.

Now install FluidSIM to the end.

Please take care that only WIBU driver versions of the same major release are installed in the network. After the described installation, all clients and the license server(s) should be at least version V5.2. Otherwise, license access problems may occur. The Windows versions have no influence on the licensing and can be mixed easily.