General MecLab® Information


General MecLab® Information

The hardware

MecLab® is delivered in practical, stackable Systainers, which function as storage units as well as transport packaging. 

MecLab® is delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

MecLab® is sturdy and fully capable of withstanding the rigors of a school environment.

The individual stations have different functions:

  • The Stacking Magazine station contains a workpiece storage container and a feed separator.
  • The Conveyor station can transport and sort workpieces.
  • The Handling station can grip the workpieces and deposit them at defined points.

The accompanying documents on CD-ROM

The complete package includes a CD-ROM with:

  • Start-up instructions: detailed step-by-step instructions showing how to connect the stations to the computer and how to write simple programs, with teacher's tips for lesson planning.
  • Theoretical text with the fundamentals of pneumatics, electrical engineering, electrical actuators, sensors and control technology.
  • Book of exercises with 5-7 exercises per station and prepared worksheets in *.doc format with solutions; these can be easily adapted to meet your particular requirements.
  • Prepared PowerPoint presentations with extensive visual materials for use in class
  • Videos
  • Technical data for all components

Control with FluidSIM® software

The stations are controlled with FluidSIM® software and the EasyPort interface.

FluidSIM® is the application for creating and simulating pneumatic and electrical circuits and programmable logic controllers. With its universal PC interface, FluidSIM® can control the MecLab® stations directly. As a result, the pupils can follow a continuous functional chain from the circuit diagram to simulation to control.

Since FluidSIM® is supplied as a classroom licence, the number of pupils who can work with FluidSIM® at one time is limited only by the number of computers. They can use it to try out their solutions in simulation before testing them on the real station. Moreover, FluidSIM® provides information
at the click of a mouse button about all components, and many informative animated sequences.

The complete package

Contains everything you need for working with MecLab®:

  • 1 Stacking Magazine station
  • 1 Conveyor station
  • 1 Handling station
  • 1 compressor 230 V with connector for DE, FR, NO, SE, FI, PT, ES, AT, NL, BE, GR, TR, IT, DK, IR, ID or 1 compressor 110 V with connector for US, CA, Central America, BR, CO, YU, EC, KR
  • 3 x EasyPort to connect the stations to the computer
  • 3 x power supply unit with connector for DE, FR, NO, SE, FI, PT, ES, AT, NL, BE, GR, TR, IT, DK, IR, ID or 3 x power supply unit with connector for US, CA, Central America, BR, CO, YU, EC, KR
  • FluidSIM®
  • Teachware and Technical Documents on CD-ROM
  • Workpieces
  • Tools
  • Screw set
  • Systainers