Tec2Screen® Course: Sensors – Magnetic Proximity Switches

Tec2Screen® Course: Sensors – Magnetic Proximity Switches

The Tec2Screen® courses teach training content in the field of sensor technology with the Festo Didactic learning system. Pictures from real-life situations, graphic representations of physical, technical processes, animated processes, and a direct connection to practice illustrate the subjects in a straightforward way.



Training content

  • Design and function of magnetic proximity switches
  • Switching characteristics of magnetic proximity switches
  • Selecting and aligning magnetic proximity switches
  • Industrial applications for magnetic proximity switches

The Classroom Manager VT learning management system is part of the complete learning scenario. The following license levels are available for courses and simulations:

  • 100 users/10 workstations
  • 200 users/20 workstations
  • 500 users/50 workstations
  • 1,000 users/100 workstations

This course does not contain experiments with direct hardware interaction.


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