Actuators – DC motor: eLearning course

Actuators – DC motor: eLearning course

Using the everyday example of a car park access control system, the trainee learns the basics of a mechatronic system.

Building on this, the training program determines what function the actuators have in the controller. A DC motor is then studied in more detail as an example of a typical actuator, e.g., its structure and the laws which govern its operation. Further chapters cover speed control and the use of data sheets, as well as the transmission ratios which can be achieved by using a gearbox.

From the contents:

  • The function of actuators in mechatronic systems
  • Electric motors
  • DC motor
  • Torque and current
  • Behavior of DC motors
  • Induced voltage and speed control
  • Characteristic torque/speed curve
  • Working with data sheets
  • Determining the transmission ratio

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